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·   PROducts IN vibration monitoring

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ActiBioMotion has partnered with, sponsored by, and/or funded by the military, industry, educational, and business development entities.

· U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC) mrmc.amedd.army.mil/
· U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) usaarl.army.mil
· U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA) usammda.army.mil
· University of Iowa uiowa.edu
· UI Research Park researchpark.uiowa.edu
· University of Iowa Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD) ccad.uiowa.edu
· UI Ventures uiventures.uiowa.edu
· Battelle battelle.org
· Cornerstone Research Group (CRG) crgrp.com
· National Science Foundation (NSF) nsf.gov
· Iowa Innovation Corporation (IICorp) iicorp.com

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ActiBioMotion technologies range from physical products in development, data analysis products, and research consulting and design.

Seat vibration mitigation system development for heavy equimpent operators and truck drivers

Seat vibration mitigation system development for heavy equimpent operators and truck drivers

Operating heavy machinery and vehicles while seated for extended periods of time can lead to musculoskeletal disorders such as low-back and neck pain. Adding vibration and shocks makes things even worse. ABM is currently developing a vibration mitigation system to ultimately address seat design and reduce whole-body vibration levels to the individual. This work is supported by the National Science Foundation.

Human Vibration Analysis Software Toolkit

Human Vibration Analysis Software Toolkit

ActiBioMotion is developing multiple software platforms to monitor and analyze human vibration and biomechanics. By using combinations of sensors and advanced in-house software, our technology is able to compute the human motions from shocks, vibrations, and posture changes occurring due to the human interaction with vehicles and machinery. Custom hardware and software packages can be created for specific user needs.

The Instrumented Supine Manikin for vibration (ISMv)

The ISMv is a biomechanically-accurate manikin designed as a test tool for the evaluation of patient handling systems and transport vehicles. The manikin is equipped with embedded sensors allowing real-time measurement of the whole-body vibration and body motion. Benefits include:

•       Biomechanically validated for shock and vibration testing
•       Standardized software and analysis methods allow consistency between testing conditions and users
•       No skin motion artifact or sensor placement troubles
•       Simplified data collection time and analysis
•       Can replace human participants during system design and evaluation
•       Can be used in extreme settings that could be unsafe for human participants
•       Applications include emergency medical services (EMS), military transport environments, among many others